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Contractor Referrals:

Whoever you use to do work on your home or property, there should always be three non-negotiables in any signed agreement:

1) All work requiring a licensed tradesman will be done by a licensed tradesman.

2) All equipment and/or materials will be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended installation.

3) All work will conform with local building codes, state law and in accordance with the governing body.

I personally believe it’s extremely important for all individuals to know their rights before hiring a home improvement contractor. The Illinois Attorney General has prepared a very helpful pamphlet that everyone should read before starting a new project.

NOTE – Parli Property Inspection Services is not affiliated with and does not receive compensation or referral fees from the contractors listed below, in order to offer completely unbiased services to our clients.

General Contractors:

  • United Construction 618.201.4856
  • K B 413 Construction 618.521.2185
  • Shane Phillips Construction 618.579.6575

Handyman Services:

  • Bob The Handyman 618.457.7026
  • S.I. Home Team 618.559.8968


  • B & W Electric & Locating 618.534.5221
  • Southern Lights Electrical 618.964.1980


  • Absolute Plumbing 618.457.5900
  • Thad Ellet Plumbing 618.985.2021

HVAC – Heating & Air:

  • Home Heating & Air 618.684.6783
  • Jacob’s Heating & Air 618.529.2989

Mold Abatement and Restoration Services:

  • Leading Edge 618.694.4568
  • Guaranteed Property Solutions 618.490.1205

Custom Countertops:

  • F-W-S Solid Surface 618.458.2326

Drywall & Painting:

  • Bernstein Decorative Finishes

Appliance Service:

  • Mid-America Service
  • Oscar’s Service

Septic Install & Service:

  • Goreville Concrete
  • Skelcher’s Milani Septic

Parli Property Inspection Services – 815.501.3991