25 Jan

Septic Systems in Illinois

Septic systems are an often overlooked item during the purchase of a new home as well as during typical home maintenance. It is vital that the septic system be operating and performing properly for several reasons.

Firstly, it is required by the State of Illinois that all private sewage treatment systems be up to par and regularly maintained by the property owner. Also, if not operating properly there could be a potential backup of the system which would result in sewer stoppage and possible costly repairs or system replacement depending on the type of systems being utilized.

If you are in need of a septic inspection or sewer video inspection during your home purchase, Parli Property Inspection Services offers these additional inspection services to suit your needs. for more information regarding septic system maintenance, this article from the U of I ExtensionOffice is excellent as a resource to better educate yourself on this often overlooked, but vital part of your home and property.